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  • What is provides PG and Sharing accommodations in Noida Sector 62. Exclusively designed for students and working professionals, these properties offer affordable rental habitat to its residents. With top-notch IT companies and colleges in their vicinity, fulfils the simple essentials of life and creates an environment of trust and friendship.
  • How is is different from others?
    We are Providing the following facilities within the budget, that's make us different from others. Clean Rooms Caring Staff Fully-managed services Convenient & Cost-effective Easy Search & Discovery Hassle-free Check-in and Check-outs policy Accountable and Reliable A Friendly community Utility Payments taken care of Security
  • What type of sharing rooms are there at
    We provide three types of occupancy at Triple Sharing PG Rooms Rs. 5500 per month Double Sharing PG Rooms Rs. 6500 per month Single Occupancy PG Rooms Rs. 7500 per month Food Rs. 2500 Per Month Extra
  • How is pricing different for other Providers? provides you comfort at pocket-friendly prices. We provide you with unmatched services as compared to the local PGs/hostels/apartments in your Noida Sector 62. Which offer facilities like TV, Wi-Fi, DTH, washing machine, housekeeping, security etc. Rent starts at Rs 5000/- only.
  • What is included in my rent and what is not? offers the best as well as pocket friendly rental accommodations in the market. And, therefore, our resident is charged only pennies for our exceptional services. The rent is inclusive of Wi-Fi, TV, Refrigerator, DTH, Washing machine, electricity bill (Up to Rs.2000) as well. If you use kitchen then you have to pay Gas Connection charges which is around Rs. 50-70 per person on a monthly average.
  • Are pets allowed in
    A resident’s prime priority is to have a hassle-free experience and so, we at, make sure that the inconvenience of any sort never knocks at their door. Hence, keeping in mind other people’s ease, pets are not allowed within the premises.
  • What is the Visitor/Guests Policy at
    To maintain a homely environment few policies are implied by For a resident’s safety and security reasons, has a few rules and regulations and among them are Visitors Hosting Policies. Opposite gender guests are not allowed. Properties host a guest until 8 PM ONLY. Before the arrival of your guests, ‘inform us’ at least 24hrs prior to the visit and only after Management approves your request your guest can stay overnight. If your guest is staying overnight, then you have to make payments accordingly: - Up to 10 days: Rs 300/- per day per person Exceeding 10 days: Entire month’s rent and security deposit Lastly, you are liable to your guest's conducts and payments.
  • What is the check in process at
    Check-in process is inclusive of KYC verification, room allotment and handing over the keys to the resident. Once that is done the caretaker will update the following details. And, Bingo! The resident can now shift into his/her happy place.
  • Can I visit and make a booking on behalf of a third person?
    A friend/guardian can certainly book a room at At the time of the booking, all they have to do is provide the correct details of the person who’d be residing at the property in the future. Once the booking is confirmed then, s/he is required to meet the caretaker in person for the KYC formalities.
  • Can I cancel my move in request, if yes how?" tries to help its customers in every possible way, no matter what’s your requirement we are here for you 24*7. Canceling the move-in request doesn't mean that your token money will be refunded. Please note that it will only get refunded if the booking is not confirmed from our end. Post this if you still, face any problem you are most welcome to call us at 9582054999.
  • Are there any charges for scheduling visit?
    We at don’t charge for visits. You can book as many visits as you want and we make sure that you are not charged for the same.
  • How to pre book a property?
    Pre-booking is easy and friendly. Just 1. Schedule a visit 2. Confirm your Room/Bed 3. Pay Token Amount (At least 20% of the actual Rent) and Voila, Your Property is booked.
  • What is the duration of notice period?
    Every resident needs to serve 30 days of the notice period. This criterion started so that during your notice period somebody else can look/book and later shift to that room.
  • Is there any minimum stay at
    No, there is no minimum stay at However, before leaving, the resident needs to serve 30 days of the notice period. This, in a way, also means that the minimum duration of thirty days will also process the refund money when s/he leaves the property.
  • What is the Theft and Damage Policy at renders all the support required by the residents at any point in time. However, we take no responsibility of your personal belongings. We advise you to keep your valuables under lock and key, and not share your cupboard key with others. Neither the property manager nor is liable for any loss of personal belongings. For theft/loss/damage of any property, the residents of the room/flat would be responsible and liable to pay for the same. We advise you to live at our property as you would at home - please be responsible.
  • How and when will be my deposit refunded?
    Your deposit can be refunded when you leave the room permanently after serving the notice period of 30 days. Please note that the money will be refunded to the same mode of payment on the spot after handing over the keys & deducting dues (i.e. Electricity, Gas or Extra Days if any)
  • Under what circumstances, my deposit would not be refunded?"
    A resident’s deposit money is generally refunded if they serve the notice period of 30 days. However, under the following circumstances, deposit would not be refunded: - If s/he vacates the room without paying his/her rent and, If some sort of harm is meted to the property. (Also, legal action will be taken against them)
  • Is there any deposit that I have to pay, if yes how much?"
    Unlike the local PGs, we at, take a deposit of one month only which is equivalent to a month’s rent. This rent may vary according to the room type in which you are staying. The main reason behind charging the deposit is solely for security reasons.
  • Do you provide Coliving PG too ?
    No We don't provide coliving PG.
  • How do I share my feedback or concerns?
    We at are open to all the queries, recommendations, feedback, and concerns. You dont have to mail us or open a ticket(as it grows the communication gap) just use our number 9582054999 and Say Hi and we will work on it instantly.
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