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Homely PG Accommodation in Noida

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

If you are looking for a home away from home, then we have the best options for you. Often adjusting at a new place away from home can be challenging. Some people spend more to get separate rented accommodations. This can burn a hole in the pocket, as rented accommodations in big cities like Noida can be extremely costly. Moreover, getting rented accommodation right beside the office or college, could cost a fortune. But, you don’t have to do this. We have the right solutions for your needs, right here at PG Noida. Explore our website and get to know more.

Homely PG Accommodation in Noida

What do we offer at Homely PG Accommodation in Noida?

We know what our patrons look for. Homesick is not a worry but an attachment towards the home. We ensure that with our premium services at PG Noida, we make them feel like at home. So leave your worries behind, and start exploring PG Noida.

We offer:

  • Free Wifi

  • Free Electricity (up to Rs. 2000)

  • Fully Furnished accommodations

  • Separate Almirah for storage

  • Free Parking

  • Power Backup

  • Daily cleaning by housekeeping staffs

With our free Wi-Fi Services, remain connected with your friends and family members. If you are not going to the office due to ongoing pandemic, then work from PG with our Wi-Fi connectivity. If you are a student, never lose out on online classes and updates. That is why your Homely PG Accommodation in Noida is best for working professionals, scholars, and students. We have steady power backup in our accommodations, which means no power cut during the stay. Power cuts could be annoying, especially during the summers but not anymore when you are staying in PG Noida. The best part is we don’t charge for the electricity as hidden charges, increasing the overall cost of the stay. All our accommodations are fully furnished delivering homely comforts away from home. We also provide separate Almirahs to every border, as a separate storage option. Now keep your valuables safe with dedicated storage options. Keep your valuables, certificates, and other belongings safely in the dedicated almirahs. In big cities like Noida, commuting can be a huge challenge, and sometimes it is costly. At PG Noida, we have a free parking facility. Park your vehicle safely, and use it for commuting to your school or office. Get an added flexibility while you stay away from your home. Summers in Noida can be very harsh, and to beat this heat, all our rooms are fitted with AC & Coolers. Cleanliness and hygiene is our priority, and that is why we ensure a clean facility for our boarders. Our housekeeping staff keeps the facility clean with routine cleaning schedules. Apart from that, we have water dispensers dispensing clean RO water for drinking.

Why should you choose us?

PG Noida offers premium PG accommodations at an affordable cost. With PG Noida, save yourself from paying high rent and brokerage. We have lower security deposits putting less burden on our patrons. We provide more amenities at a lesser cost. Now getting a comfortable accommodation in the heart of Noida is no more a dream with PG Noida.

Price Starts Rs. 5500 per month

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